Thanks to all who participated in the Skyland Region Taste of the Town Homebrew Competition.

There were 161 entries judged and 94 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stJason ChangCitra River IPA21A: American IPA
3rdShane KelleyUp N Smoke Berliner Weisse27A: Historical BeerDelmarva United Hombrewers

Best of Show – Cider

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
2ndPeter OrtizCaramelo CidraC2F: Specialty Cider/PerryNJ Hopz East

Winning Entries

Table 1: Lighter Lagers (8 entries)

1stDan Roebuck Fast Fest4B: Festbier
2ndRobert GiaquintaLager3A: Czech Pale Lager
3rdBill LongcorOktoberFestivus4B: Festbier

Table 2: Darker Lagers (8 entries)

1stChristopher LaSpadaBig G8B: Schwarzbier
2ndTom JamborEine Kleine Dunkel8A: Munich Dunkel
3rdKeith MezzinaExiled Lager7A: Vienna Lager

Table 3: German Wheat (5 entries)

1stDavid SwisshelmDavid Swisshelm10B: Dunkels Weissbier
2ndAdam JarvisEl Hefe10A: Weissbier
3rdMark FurfaroLucid Dream10A: Weissbier

Table 4: English Bitters (8 entries)

1stRobert SmithScrooge’s Bitter11B: Best Bitter
2ndChris RomeoAnchor Small Beer Clone11A: Ordinary Bitter
3rdTodd TownsendTake 211C: Strong Bitter

Table 5: Pale English and American (8 entries)

1stDan Roebuck Hoppy Quaker 18B: American Pale Ale
2ndCaitlin OrloskiCrystal IPA12C: English IPA
3rdEric EevardiHouse Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale

Table 6: Euro and American Sessions (8 entries)

1stMark FurfaroBonny Yin14C: Scottish Export
2ndCaitlin OrloskiWildcat Blonde18A: Blonde Ale
3rdKeith MezzinaRye’d The Lightning18A: Blonde Ale

Table 7: Ambers and Browns (8 entries)

1stChristopher LaSpadaDon Brown13B: English Brown Ale
2ndRobert SmithSteam Powered Common19B: California Common
3rdChristopher FournierAmerican Amber19A: American Amber Ale

Table 8: Stouts (10 entries)

1stTom JamborIrish Hello15B: Irish Stout
2ndDan Roebuck Sweet Stella 16A: Sweet Stout
3rdJason CarabilloBreakfast Milk Stout16A: Sweet Stout

Table 9: XX Stouts (11 entries)

1stChris RomeoDouble Chocolate Imperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout
2ndBrandon ShaughnessyMy Goodness16D: Foreign Extra Stout
3rdJohn Coyle
Co-Brewer: Stella Blue Coyle
Grandpa Bob’s Slainte Stout16D: Foreign Extra Stout

Table 10: Strong Ales (6 entries)

1stGregory FarleyGlen Fleshan17C: Wee Heavy
2ndChristopher LaSpada198517B: Old Ale
3rdTom JamborPious 1226D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Table 11: Porters (11 entries)

1stMeghan JamborStoker 20A: American Porter
2ndBill LongcorDark Ritual20A: American Porter
3rdMike HerbstHerb St Porter20A: American Porter

Table 12: IPA (10 entries)

1stJason ChangCitra River IPA21A: American IPA
2ndDan Roebuck Oats21A: American IPA
3rdMeghan JamborVicious Cycle21A: American IPA
HMCaitlin OrloskiCrystal IPA21A: American IPA

Table 13: Strong American (8 entries)

1stTom JamborMic Drop22A: Double IPA
2ndChris RomeoAnchor Old Foghorn Clone22C: American Barleywine
3rdRobert SmithMosaic Monster22A: Double IPA

Table 14: Belgian Dubbel and Tripel (6 entries)

1stSean OConnellDubbel Or Nothin’ Belgian Dubbel26B: Belgian Dubbel
2ndDavid LewinBelgian Tripel26C: Belgian Tripel
3rdMike HerbstHerb St Dubbel26B: Belgian Dubbel

Table 15: Historical and Wild (13 entries)

1stShane KelleyUp N Smoke Berliner Weisse27A: Historical Beer
2ndAdam Jarvis
Co-Brewer: Dan Gialanella
Gose Around 27A: Historical Beer
3rdShane KelleyHouse Saison25B: Saison

Table 16: Fruit and Spice (7 entries)

1stThomas AslanianWitbier Beyond Measure Is Man’s Greatest Treasure24A: Witbier
2ndWarren Wilson
Co-Brewer: Bhavik Patel
Mango Pale Ale29C: Speciality Fruit Beer
3rdTom TronconeFool’s Day29C: Speciality Fruit Beer

Table 17: Smoke and Spice (6 entries)

1stTom TronconeNutjob30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndBradley RisboskinSwtichblades & Neck Tats30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdRay JohnsonSmoke In Hellation32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer

Table 18: Wood and Specialty (9 entries)

1stGregory FarleyGlen Fleshan33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
2ndKarl WeissBatch 200 Imperial Coconut Porter34B: Mixed-Style Beer
3rdShane KelleyBarrel Aged Stout33A: Wood-Aged Beer

Table 19: Cider (5 entries)

1stPeter OrtizCaramelo CidraC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry
2ndDan Roebuck Redtartly C2B: Cider with Other Fruit
3rdKarl WeissFunky Town CiderC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry

Table 20: Mead (6 entries)

1stKeith MezzinaMezzina’s MeadM3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead
2ndEric WembacherLaut HonigM4A: Braggot
3rdSean OConnellStraw-Pepper-Berry Short MeadM3A: Fruit and Spice Mead
HMSteven LandgrenBrett & Jordans Wedding MeadM2D: Stone Fruit Mead