Homebrew Shops

Homebrew University – Located in Hackettstown, this is the meeting place of the the West chapter of NJ HOPZ. Homebrew U is a homebrew supply shop and learning center, dedicated to exploring and sharing the art and science of homebrewing.

Cask and Kettle Home Brew – Located in Boonton, this is where the East chapter of NJ HOPZ meets. They carry a large variety of specialty grains, hops, yeast, and brewing equipment.


BeerSmith – Robust software specifically for brewers of any level. Includes a sortable recipe database, beer style guidelines, populated ingredient database and dozens of brewing tools.

New Jersey Craft Beer – A club whose mission is to provide craft beer fans in New Jersey with a resource for finding current beer-happenings.

Brew Your Own’s Yeast Descriptions – A quick guide to some of the many yeast varieties.


Tasty Brew Calculators – A selection of useful brewing calculators.

Yeast Calculator – Helps determine the proper pitching rate of yeast into your wort.






















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