Judges and Stewards

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Other Volunteer Info

We are looking for volunteers to help Steward this event.  Just sign up in your registration file.  You have to register to be a Steward.

Simply put, the stewards are the people who bring beers to the judges during a competition.

Ideally, the judges shouldn't have to do anything except taste and score the beers. Keeping that process going is your main task.

Your responsibilities can summarize as follows:

1) Make sure the judges have all the supplies they will need.
2) Find the beers that are in your category.
3) Check and adjust their temperature if necessary.
4) Present them to the judges in the order they request.
5) Take away the empties, caps and trash.
6) Collect the scoresheets and other paperwork and submit it to the organizers.
7) Taste the leftover beers